There are thousands of manufacturers in the Far East, making it difficult to find the right partner for you to do business abroad. One that can produce the product you want and make timely deliveries. A company that can provide you with the highest quality products, at the most reasonable prices.

Because it takes a long time to build up the right contacts in foreign countries, companies ultimately loose a lot of time and money trying to find the right solutions to their growing needs. The complexity of understanding numerous cultures, along with not knowing the differences in foreign trade practices, can often lead to a catastrophe for businesses with little or no knowledge or proficiency in this area.

With offices in Venezuela and China, Mega Kingdom Enterprises Limited can provide you with the answers and solutions to almost every question, need or demand your company may have. Staff at our company are fluent in many languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin and other dialect. Our company can utilize the networks they have built over the years and can provide you or advise you with your business plan, market research, price negotiations, and import/export regulations.
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